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FOX News
Jul 17, 2011 9:00am PDT
, rebekah brooks. she was arrested by police today in connection with conspiracy, conspiracy to intercept communications and corruption. rebekah brooks resigned her post friday as the chief executive of news international. representative for brooks told me that she had a prearranged appointment. a meating with police today -- meeting with police today but was surprised when she was arrested. her spokesman went on to say she had been advised she was not on the police's radar screen in connection with the investigation. she had been offering since january to be questioned by police but was told it wouldn't be necessary. they are supposed to testify to a committee on tuesday, a committee she testified in 2003 where she did admit giving police money for information. >> for information in the past. >> it's not clear whether or not brooks will show up at the committee meeting on tuesd tuesday. it cost two top executives, brooks and les hinton, the ceo of dow jones resigning on friday. the 168-year-old news of the world tabloid closed down last week and news corp dropped the bid to buybskyb. mur
FOX News
Jul 16, 2011 9:00am PDT
rebecca brooks announced her resignation. she was editor of news the world. rupert murdoch apologized for serious wrongdoing in a full page ad. news international is owned by news corp. a parent company much fox news we have serious heat advisories. meteorologist maymariah molina has more. >> good to see you. we have a heat wave in transmittal portions of the u.s.. i want to point out. we have a new storm system arrive negligent pacific northwest and bringing cooler in seattle. today's high only 68 degrees. heading east bound and highs in the 90s from rapid city to minneapolis and across portions of texas. dallas triple at 100 degrees . factor in the humidity and that's what we are talking about dangerous heat. there is a number of warnings stretching from north dakota and missouri and portions of congress congress and oklahoma. it is dangerous conditions with heat index up to 115 degrees. you need to take precautions and say hydrate lighter clothing and lighter colored clothing as well. temperatures will continue to heat up. we are talking about 99 in rapid city and nen in miles per
FOX News
Jul 17, 2011 1:00pm PDT
brooks still being questioned. the newspaper was owned by news corp the parent company of fox news and senior foreign affairs correspondent amy legaling on is live. >> reporter: it mass affected the highest levels of news corp but also the british head of police. the police have been under fire for allegedly taking bribes bribes from news of the world jiorts and also employing a deputy editor as a consultant. he was arrested on friday. finally for not handling the phone hacking scandal thoroughly the first time around. >> as commissioner, i have ultimate responsibility we find our position in. with hindsight i wish we were involved in this affair differently. >> reporter: what many have called a shocking development, former head of rupert murdoch's newspaper group, rebecca brooks was arrested for conspiracy to intersected communications. she had an appointment with police around noon today. she went in and was arrested. that was about nine hours and spoke with scotland yard and they say she is still in custody. 43-year-old brooks had top echelon of tabloid journalism here and ran t
FOX News
Jul 17, 2011 7:00am PDT
-old rbekkah brooks is reportedly question of suspicion on intercepting communications and corruption. allegations first emerged last week that reporters of news of the world hacked into the private cell phone accounts for stories of individuals, and the paper shut its doors last week and it was owned by news corp., the parents company of fox news. ♪ >> eric: there are just 16 days to go, just a little over two weeks, before the nation finally reaches that debt limit. the house republicans are pushing a vote on the plan they call cut, cap and balance. and that would limit government spending and the country's debt to a percentage of the gdp. but would it also require a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. this morning, on fox news sunday, maryland democratic congressman chris van hollen said he has big problems with that. >> what they are proposing is to manipulate the constitution and use it to impose the republican budget plan, and if you look at that plan it does end the medicare guarantee and slashes medicaid and slashes deeply into education, and, it protects tax brea
FOX News
Jul 16, 2011 1:00pm PDT
furious at what happened. they had been calling for rebecca brooks, who was the editor of the newspaper who allegedly hacked in, calling for her to resign. she didn't at the time. only 11 days later that she resigned. the reason that the parents were so angry is that while their child was missing, they had been calling and calling her mobile phone, leaving message, begging her to get in contact with them. that filled up her voice mail. whenever anyone calls, it says this mailbox is full. news of the world's journalist hacked into that phone, listened to the messages and deleted them. which meant when the family got in later on, they believed millie listened to them and then deleted them. they believed she was still alive and it gave them false hope because she was not still alive rupert murdoch apologized. this is not over yet. rebecca brooks, james murdoch and rupert murdoch have been summoned to appear before what's called is select committee. then mp's will be able to ask them many questions about the actions of the journalists working for one of their newspapers at the time. it's th
FOX News
Jul 24, 2011 9:00am PDT
. nine days to to go before the august 2nd deadline what now? brooks the co-sponsor of the cut cap and balance act of 2011. good grate to have you in today, thank you. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> shannon: it got to the senate and no further. what's next it? >> may go further. we have to wait and see. senate or the white house proposes something. and has as of today. they have proposed nothing that's in the legislative form that the public can examine. determine the merits of. cut cap and balance is the only game in town how do you respond tom their criticism that republicans imposing budget tear philosophy to everybody else on capitol hill. >> that's what's it is supposed to be. we are supposed to share our belief system in the legislation that we sponsor. so that should not strike anyone as abnormal. but let's look at the merits of it. cut, we're only cutting $111 billion when we have got a 1.5 trillion-dollar problem yet the democrats holler that's too much. that's only a 7% or 8% solution. you have got a cap to try to get the amount of government spending to historical levels.
FOX News
Jul 16, 2011 10:00am PDT
executive brooks announced her resignation and allegations first emerged last week that reporters of news of the world hacked into private cell phone accounts for stories. news corporation's ceo rupert murdoch has issued a statement, running in britain's national newspapers, apologizing for any serious wrongdoing. british police say they've arrested at least seven people and have recovered at least 3700 names of potential victims, news of the world shuts-- shuts its door last week, shut its doors last week and it was owned by news corps, the parent company of fox news. >> there are protesters ratcheting the up the pressure on syrian president assad with a series of major rallies across that country. but the government is fighting back. activists claim security forces killed at least 28 people yesterday during the largest demonstrations since this uprising began. rina ninen is covering all of it live from jerusalem. tell us about the new protests. anything different? >> despite the government crackdown it's pretty amazing that people are still turning out, in fact, in the largest numbers
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)